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Support more mapped field type “Smart Routing” for spool

“Smart Routing Field” for spool is also named as reserved fields. Just drag and drop spooled text to right panel to create a mapped field, go to window “Map Field Properties”, from the tab “Field Type”, just select option MICR, EMAIL, FAX, PRINT, select the reserved field, and click on button “OK” to apply your changes. For example, below is the figure of reserved field “From Address”

In this version, we support these reserved fields:


  • FAXNBR: FAX Number
  • FAXDESC: FAX Description
  • FAXNBRUSR: FAX Number User Data
  • FAXTO: FAX Recipient


  • FRADDRESS: From Address
  • TOADDRESS: iMail To Address
  • CCADDRESS: iMail Cc Address
  • BCADDRESS: iMail Bc Address
  • SUBJECT: iMail Subject
  • SUB0120: iMail Subject 1 though 20
  • SUB2140: iMail Subject 21 through 40
  • MESSAGE: iMail Message


  • CHECK#: iChecks Check Number
  • CHECK$: iChecks Payment Amount
  • CHECKMM: iPay Check Month
  • CHECKDD: iPay Check Day
  • CHECKYY: iPay Check Year last 2
  • PAYEE: iPay Check Payee. Note that, we can use PAYEE or PAYEE1 and PAYEE2
  • PAYEE1: iPay Check Payee Line 1
  • PAYEE2: iPay Check Payee Line 2


  • OUTQ: iDocs Out Queue
  • TRAY: iDocs Input Tray
  • BIN: iDocs Output Bin
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